Improved pest management: diagnostics for management of pesticide resistance in greenhouse populations of the two-spotted spider mite, aphids, whiteflies and thrips

Mite and insect pests pose an ongoing threat to the sustainability of greenhouse vegetable production. Their control is critically reliant on pesticides. However, the intensive use of pesticides and the shrinking number of registered insecticides and acaricides increases the selection pressure against the few chemicals available and accelerates the evolution of resistance. This is critical for the two-spotted spider mite, aphid, whitefly and thrips populations as they are becoming increasingly difficult to control. Management of the pesticide-resistant pest populations requires rapid detection of resistance, and a better way to decide what pesticide should be used. In this project, we aim to generate data and develop a diagnostic tool that supports a proactive choice of pesticides that will be most effective and can support evidence-based insecticide resistance management. TO BE CONT'D

Julien le Roy;Emilie Widemann;Hanna Varonina
Faculty Supervisor: 
Vojislava Grbic
Partner University: