Improved Phenotyping of Macrophages Using Cell Line Models, Gene Expression Signatures, and Protein Secretion Data

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a 3rd leading cause of death, which decreases lung function due to irreversible airway obstruction. Lung immune cells, such as macrophages, play an important role in the disease progression. However, researchers don’t fully understand their diversity and functions. Models of macrophages are useful to better understand patient macrophages. We will first obtain 3 types of model macrophages and compare their characteristics (such as gene expression and secreted proteins) with recently published COPD alveolar macrophage data from literature. Results from these experiments will determine whether these robust models could be used to better understand COPD alveolar macrophage phenotypes and functions.

Jing Wen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Don Sin
British Columbia
Partner University: