Improvement of GC?GC-MS compound identification and development of multi-omics integration techniques using a clinical stool sample set

Multiomics studies of the human microbiome have an enormous potential for understanding the mechanism of biological processes involving the microbial community and the metabolites produced by gut microbiota. We will apply a multiomics strategy to clinical fecal samples using a novel collection device to stabilize fecal metabolites at room temperature, thereby making the standard practise of freezing at - 80°C unnecessary. Room temperature storage allows at-home collection by donors/participants, enabling large-scale studies to take place, which are needed for research discoveries to further our understanding of the human gut microbiome and metabolic pathways involved in health and disease. This study will demonstrate feasibility and utility of DNA Genotek’s collection tool for use in multiomics studies. In addition, the multiomics data analysis will provide insights into the complex biological interactions and metabolic processes taking place in clinical samples.

Kieran Tarazona
Faculty Supervisor: 
James Harynuk
Partner University: