Improving hygrothermal modeling as design tools using field measurements to achieve durable and energy efficient wood structures

Computer-based simulation software, called hygrothermal modeling has become increasingly popular and useful to predict and evaluate heat, air, vapour, and water-related performance of buildings. This research project aims to improve such modelling for wood construction through validation using specifically measured property data and field/lab performance data. The goal is to make modelling a more reliable design tool and to subsequently improve the design and construction of both mass timber construction and light wood-frame construction. Mass timber products including crosslaminated timber and nail-laminated timber, both critically important to meet the increasingly growing market in North America for mid-rise and taller timber buildings, will be covered. In addition, the work will focus on improving the simulations for highly energy efficient light wood-frame wall assemblies, commonly used to build high energy performance buildings across the country .

Lin Wang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hua Ge
Partner University: