Improving the Performance of Forages on the Canadian Prairies

In 2012, the estimated value of forage in Canada was $5.1 Billion. Forages are the foundation for the beef and dairy sectors which have a combined economic activity of $50 Billion. However we have recently seen a loss of nearly 2.2 Million acres of pasture land across Canada, which means productivity from our remaining forage lands must improve for the future competitiveness of the beef industry. This project contains 4 research activities on alternative forages and improved technologies that will increase the productivity and quality of the forage industry in Saskatchewan and Canada. New legume forages such as sainfoin and low lignin alfalfa will be researched for their suitability and performance on the Canadian Prairies. The application of new near infrared spectroscopy analysis to determine forage quality will also be studied. Finally, the intern will gain experience to build a foundation to convert into a permanent researcher in the forage industry to help fill the current research capacity gap.

Michele Simili da Silva
Faculty Supervisor: 
H.A. Lardner
Partner University: