Improving radiation oncology treatment planning using dual-energy computed tomography

Dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) is a new technology that was introduced in radiology departments in the last few years. At CHUM, in collaboration with Siemens, we installed a DECT in the radiation oncology department. The global objective of this project is to develop and confirm the various applications of DECT in radiation oncology. Specifically, a first objective is to assess the improved accuracy in radiation dose calculation needed for treatment planning. A second objective is to use and optimize advanced algorithm to quantify iodine concentration to establish the usability of virtual non-contrast images. A final objective is be to conclude two clinical studies about quantification and segmentation of functional renal and lung tissues in order to help in identifying and sparring active functional zones in radiation therapy planning.

Andreanne Lapointe
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jean-Francois Carrier
Project Year: