Industrial Applications of Frequency Comb Lidar

The goal of the proposed research project is to explore applications of frequency combs, for which laboratory applications have already been demonstrated, in an industrial setting. The research will be mainly focused on chemical sensing of stack emissions for monitoring purposes. As a secondary objective, the use of frequency combs in vibrometric measurements for structural health monitoring applications will also be explored. For the most promising applications, the project will be concluded with work on a development roadmap for a commercial platform. The proposed work will be beneficial for the partner organizations, as it will provide INO an opportunity to develop an expertise in frequency combs, a new and promising technology with a multitude of potential applications in remote sensing and frequency metrology. TCC will also benefit from the work in the form of new options and improved performance of their emission and structural health monitoring techniques.

Sylvain Boudreau
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Jérôme Genest
Project Year: