Informal entrepreneurship education with youth: possibilities of an online platform

Entrepreneurship often refers to the founding of new businesses. However, new perspectives see the benefit of entrepreneurship for other areas of individual and social well-being. Such a change in perspective allows us to see the benefit of teaching about entrepreneurship at younger ages. This project aims to investigate possibilities of an online platform for providing entrepreneurship education in informal educational settings (at home/with parents, and in schools/communities). In this project, we will construct a 8-week program in the platform and explore the affordances and constraints in offering such various components of entrepreneurship to different age groups and in different informal settings. The results of the project will inform the curriculum design of future programs as well as offer guidelines for curriculum creation, parents and educators interested in facilitating entrepreneurship education.

Raphael Camargo Penteado
Faculty Supervisor: 
Alexandre Cavalcante
Partner University: