Innovations in Research & Service Design: Developing a “Youth Collaboration Framework '' with homeless and at-risk youth at Operation Come Home

This research study will allow PhD candidate Charlotte Smith, mentored by Dr. Malenfant and Dr. Spencer, to engage a team of at-risk and homeless youth in a collaborative study by working closely with the community partner, Operation Come Home. Charlotte and Malenfant will provide 5 youth with research training including methods, ethics and more. The research team will then work collaboratively to collect and analyze data during weekly meetings. Guided by Malenfant, Charlotte will use interactive research methods to engage youth peer research team members and support the youth in being innovators and leaders in this study. The major output of this study will be the development of a youth collaboration framework co-designed by the research team. This framework will guide be used by Operation Come Home in their future research efforts, as well as by Charlotte in her doctoral studies.

Charlotte Emma Smith
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dale Spencer;Jayne Malenfant
Partner University: