An Innovative Approach to Optimize Heavy Oil Recovery Using a Novel Synthesized Liquid Catalyst

Chemical-assisted enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has recently received a great deal of attention as a means of improving the efficiency of oil recovery processes. Since heavy oil production is technically challenging due to its high viscosity and high asphaltene content, therefore, new recovery techniques are often tested and applied in lab-scale. This study will contribute to general progress in this area by synthesizing liquid catalyst (LC) in the lab and applying it to enhance the heavy oil recovery. In this study, the LC-EOR can be evaluated by conducting combined experiments and simulation studies for Saskatchewan heavy oil reservoirs. The mechanism of additional oil recovery using this novel LC is IFT and viscosity reduction, wettability alteration that can be investigated by conducting a series of core flooding tests. Moreover, a numerical simulation study will be performed in terms of heavy oil recovery.

Ali Alarbah;Fatema Akter Happy;Arifur Rahman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ezeddin Shirif
Partner University: