Innovative solutions for industrial process management: Process efficiency and delivery sequence improvement for CLT products at Structurlam

Structurlam, a construction-wood products manufacturer located in Penticton, BC, needs to optimize their cross-laminated panels production line, aiming to increase machinery productivity, and minimize time and unnecessary shuffling of finished panels. The purpose of this project is to define equations and rules representing the production process of wood panel to enhance the productivity. The researchers will develop a schedule tool applicable to Structurlam’s facility and production process. The tool will provide the optimum wood panel production sequence. The project will also assess Structurlam‘s production methods, and suggest potential improvements. The scheduling tool will be in the form of a generalizable model, which can be used in similar facilities.

Manjot Kaur
Bruno de Araujo Carneiro
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kasun Hewage
British Columbia
Partner University: