Inspection of Bridges in Ontario for Damage Detection and Rehabilitation

This Mitacs project will undertake bridge inspections of 33 road bridges in Ontario to determine locations and level of damages in these bridges and suggest appropriate rehabilitation techniques to keep these bridges in service. The data collected will be added to the current pool of similar data already collected by the industry partner, MEDA to develop an inhouse bridge inspection manual. This manual will allow MEDA to be more productive and have a competitive advantage for the future bridge inspection projects. This Mitacs project will also undertake lab tests and computer modeling on concrete girders with various levels of defects. The data collected from this part of the project will be used to develop design guidelines for repair of damaged concrete girders of bridges. These design guidelines will help Canadian practicing engineers in designing the rehabilitation technique knowing the location and level of damages in the concrete girders.

Ayotunde Giwa;Erfan Zandi Zandi Lak;Samuel Ehikhuenmen;Mohsen Khanverdi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sreekanta Das
Partner University: