Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots with Safe Navigation in Dynamic Environment

With the global pandemic effect, the market is experiencing a significant transformation, with robotics to adopt the roles of delivery vehicles and personal assistants. Atlantic Business Express is looking at bring the service robots to Canada, starting in Nova Scotia through working with Dalhousie University. The project is to develop intelligent path planner for mobile robots with safe navigation through obstacles in indoor dynamic environment. The interns will develop an intelligent motion planner as well as efficient collision and obstacle avoidance modules. The company will benefit from having well-tested autonomous robots which can safely and smoothly navigate without interventions. The results will help the company to improve their competitiveness and have larger share of the market in service robots. The Canadian community will benefit from the state-of-the-art research project. Autonomous service robots offer improved capability in freeing up people from unsafe tasks and allowing people to handle more complex workload.

Zike Wang;Qiguang Chen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ya-Jun Pan
Nova Scotia
Partner University: