Intelligent Control of Clean Combustion Low Carbon GDI Engine: Oxygen Sensor, Fuel Injection, and Engine Cold-start

Internal combustion engines currently power an overwhelming majority of automotive vehicles, i.e., more than 95% passenger cars and virtually all commercial trucks worldwide. The proper performances of oxygen sensors are essential for precise control of air-fuel ratio to optimize engine combustion efficiency and emission performances. This project will characterize the impacts of physical and chemical exhaust gas conditions on the O2 sensor performance to improve the O2-sensor for guiding partner's application in the production engine including other NOx sensor and H2 sensing feasibilities. An effective engine cold-start process can reduce the total engine-out emissions significantly. Novel technologies, such as forced tumble flow, high fuel injection pressure, strong ignition source, effective catalyst temperature control, and novel catalytic materials can contribute to a reliable cold-start process. This project aims to develop a smart cold-start strategies for GDI engines using optimized oxygen sensor control and types.

Navjot Sandhu;Alex Bastable
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ming Zheng
Partner University: