Interfacial Engineering of High Energy Density and Safe Solid-State Li Metal Batteries for Electric Vehicle Applications

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have become a key player in the growing need for electric vehicles (EVs). State-of-the-art LIBs, using liquid electrolytes, still have significant challenges in their safety, lifespan, and energy density. Accordingly, solid-state lithium metal batteries (SSLBs) have recently been attracting increasing research and industrial attention due to their ability to overcome intrinsic disadvantages of flammable liquid electrolytes used in current LIBs. The objective of this proposed research is to engineer the electrode/solid-state electrolyte interface by atomic/molecular layer depositions (ALD/MLD) to achieve the safe and high-performance SSLBs. The project includes two main directions: (1) gradient interface engineering on cathode/sulfide-based SSEs; and (2) design of multi-protective layers for Li metal anode by ALD/MLD. GLABAT SOLID-STATE BATTERY INC. as an industrial partner will support and be involved in this project. The innovative research will help both GLABAT and Canada increase their global competitiveness and create new economic ventures.

Yang Zhao
Faculty Supervisor: 
Xueliang Andy Sun
Partner University: