International Farm Workers in Essex County: Belonging and Socially Inclusive Rural Communities

While agricultural migrant workers provide much needed labour in Canadian agriculture, they feel alienated from the host society. Their alienation and exclusion is related in part to the working and living conditions migrants experience in Canada. In addition, we propose to study how such factors as the architectural designs of the towns where migrant workers reside; availability of spaces for social activities; opportunities for intercultural encounters; cultural awareness and sensitivity among the host population, presence of community organizations and settlement agencies; social networks, and the presence of the infrastructure of ethnic businesses, shape their inclusion and exclusion. Based on a a multi-method qualitative and community-based research methodology, the study will focus on belonging among migrant workers in two rural communities in Essex county: Leamington and Kingsville.

Dobrila Cukarski
Tarran Maharaj
Faculty Supervisor: 
Tanya Basok
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