Internet of Smarter Things: A Data-driven Perspective

All over the world, sensors, smart objects, and other devices are connecting through the reach and power of the Internet. And they are dynamically generating, analyzing, and communicating intelligence to increase operational efficiency, power new business models, and improve quality of life. Connecting the unconnected is the Internet of Things (IoT). The project would focus on researching IoT technologies in a selected segment of the IoT spectrum of possible devices and applications. Specifically, we propose to investigate IoT from the perspective of an embedded database system, which is a main product of Empress Software. The infusion of technology in this project developed with York University will make the Empress Software more state of the art and make Empress more competitive in the embedded market. This market accounts for the majority of Empress revenue.

Nikolay Yakovets
Faculty Supervisor: 
Parke Godfrey
Partner University: