Internship Placement Management System

MiNextStep will develop a web-based software application and platform to serve the needs of stakeholders involved in work placements (internships and co-op programs): employers, students and internship coordinators in universities. The software has distinctive features to track students’ recruitment, progress, and assessments including whether the intern was eventually employed by an organization.The solution is comprehensive and innovative because it provides users with services and features that: 1) Facilitate matching students to work placements based on well-defined criteria, 2) provide networking opportunities for students to connect with recruiters and corporations’ talent acquisition representatives, 3) offer customizable templates that cover work placements’ aspects such as orientations, project plans, and progress reports, 4) help students and managers communicate, 5) features for students to reflect on their experiences, and 6) data sources to help organizations and regulators report on the employability and integration of fresh graduates and early career professionals in their workforces.

Ingy Bakir
Faculty Supervisor: 
Saul Carliner
Partner University: