Investigating the efficacy of Sleepgift blanket on sleep quality and heart health

Exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by mobile phones and devices with WIFI is on the rise and so is the EMF effects on sleep quality and well-being of individuals with high exposures to EMF. Some studies have shown poor sleep quality among individuals with long-term occupational exposure to EMF, and some have shown association between EMF long-term exposure and neuropsychiatric disorders including depression. This study aims to investigate a commercially available EMF-blocker blanket, called Sleepgift, that claims helping people to have a better sleep and improved health. We will investigate the Sleepgift efficacy on adults’ quality of sleep and their vital signals as a measure of their well-being in a placebo-controlled single-blind cross-over designed study. The collected data will be analyzed statistically for any significant effect of the Sleepgift blanket on sleep quality using the measured brain waves and vital signals such as heart’s rhythm. If the results are positive, the Sleepgift blanket could potentially be used as a means to improve quality of sleep.

Abnoor Kaur
Faculty Supervisor: 
Zahra Kazem-Moussavi
Partner University: