Investigating a Electromyography Based Electronic Textile for Diagnosis, Monitoring and Treatment of Chronic Pain

Central sensitization (CSens) is common in chronic pain conditions and causes people to feel a more intense pain. CSens is not well recognized by healthcare providers and is very difficult to treat with the currently available techniques. Methods of diagnosing CSens are of interest to pain researchers, but a great deal of work is required in the assessment of sensation and movement in chronic pain patients. Additionally, differences between each individual patient and the lack of development of technology is a problem. To address this, our work will focus on looking for methods of diagnosing CSens, with the goal of creating a tool to help detect and treat it. By recording electrical and functional changes in the muscles, we will monitor for changes during CSens. These findings will be extended to create a wearable garment whose aim is to help treat the effects of CSens in patients suffering from it by monitoring for specific muscle changes.

Karlo Nesovic;Fatemeh Shomal Zadeh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dinesh Kumbhare
Partner University: