Investigating Imaging Data to Determine Early-Stage Pressure Ulcer Detection in the Development of a Smart Device Application for Persons Experiencing Neuropathy

There is a scarcity of affordable custom pressure mapping equipment that enables a more independent life for persons suffering from neuropathy due to paraplegia or aging. Such individuals with limited mobility are at risk of developing pressure ulcers due to their lack of reactive nerve signaling, which can be life threatening. Pressure related injuries occur when a combination of pressure, heat, blood restriction and moisture pass a specific threshold; however, more research is required to pinpoint the exact time frame and to develop an online platform for smart devices that accurately measure such conditions to alert the user of the pending risk during their everyday activities.This study will investigate tensile blood flow of the lower lumbar region using image modeling pressure mapping software to analyze the time span involved with soft tissue degradation under load forces. An app will be developed that tracks seated pressure and alerts for the user to offload pressure at appropriate intervals.

Christine Goudie
Faculty Supervisor: 
Carlos Bazan
Partner University: