Investigating nanostructured local data storage and off-grid powering for the adaptive corrosion protection system

During the proposed internships, smart-grid integrated adaptive corrosion protection system (ACPS) will be developed as a stand-alone unit to provide optimum corrosion protection along with the nanostructured local data storage and off-grid powering. This will allow the continuous monitoring of the corrosion status of the metal infrastructures (e.g. transmission towers) along with the power-grid monitoring data. The proposed system can be directly monitored from the centralized control-room. Hence, it will significantly reduce and/or eliminate human interaction for an efficient and a cost-effective. Besides, the proposed stand-alone system also activates an alert flag if corrosion status of the target infrastructure shifts out of the normal range. Because of these technological benefits the wider adoption of the smart-grid integrated ACPS is anticipated in a wide range of practical applications.
Finally, this collaborative project is intended to provide protection solution for the transmission towers as well as the corrosion-prone underground structure for the partner organization.

Hamid Norouzi
Zahra Abdolahi
Jasbir Patel
Faculty Supervisor: 
Bozena Kaminska
British Columbia
Partner University: