Investigating QUBO-Compatible Algorithms for Trading and Scheduling Optimization Problems

This project attempts to develop new solution to two problem types that are known to be intractable optimization problems. These include a scheduling problem, the PSP (Project Scheduling Problem), and a problem found in trading (leg-pricing). These problems are investigated to evaluate the applicability of recently developed quantum annealing processors, which specialize in optimization problems, to the examples specific characteristics. These examples are used to explore the suitability of quantum annealing hardware to related problems in scheduling and trading. Interns in this project research, develop, and evaluate methods to translate these problems into the mathematical format required by the hardware - a quadratic unconstrained binary optimization - while addressing the specific constraints of each problem.

Yidan Liu
Hamed Karimi
Ehsan Iranmanesh
Jaspreet Oberoi
Brad Woods
Poya Haghnegahdar
Rudolf Plesch
Faculty Supervisor: 
Daniel Lee
Sathish Gopalakrishnan
Ramesh Krishnamurti
Robert Raussendorf
Tamon Stephen
Mark Schmidt
Laks Lakshmanan
British Columbia