Investigation of high-capacity-seismic-hold downs for timber-based hybrid structures

Although the benefits of using timber in mid- and high-rise construction (namely reducing the environmental footprint by sequestering carbon and cost savings through reduced construction time) are undisputed, there are perceived shortcomings with respect to a corresponding lack of appropriate design guidance for seismic loads. Overcoming these perceived shortcomings will allow timber, and
its wood product derivatives, to further expand into the non-residential construction sector. The availability of reliable design data for seismic hold-downs for engineered mass-timber products, such as Cross-Laminated-Timber and Laminated-Veneer-Lumber can significantly increase the use of timber in structures beyond current limitations. The objective of the project is to experimentally investigate the performance of different high-capacity-seismic-hold downs for mass-timber panels used as shear walls.

Xiaoyue Zhang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Thomas Tannert
British Columbia
Partner University: