Joining lifestyle and cognitive assessment with Fit Brains Trainer data: Can Fit Brains brain fitness apps tell us what a “smarter” lifestyle look like?

Rosetta Stone Canada collects user demographic and performance data from Fit Brains Trainer (brain fitness training games), Cognitive Assessment, and Lifestyle Assessment mobile apps. Data from the three apps can be linked and analyzed to answer research questions such as how lifestyle factors can influence brain training habits and outcome. This internship will: 1. Statistically explore raw data in Cognitive and Lifestyle Assessment databases 2. Statistically normalize data in Cognitive and Lifestyle Assessment databases 3. link users from the Trainer, Cognitive and Lifestyle Assessment databases 4. analyze the data to find a “smarter” lifestyle and training habits The deliverable for this internship will be a manuscript, a conference abstract, and analysis packages for future collaborators. The expected benefit to the partner organization are 1) expanded research capacity, 2) scientifically based recommendation for a “smarter” lifestyle and practice habit to customers, and 3) research publications.

Conny Lin
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Catharine Rankin
Project Year: 
British Columbia