Kiln Drying Optimization of Subalpine Fir and Yellow Spruce

For decades, drying sub-alpine fir and yellow spruce is known as an unmanageable task mainly due to the high moisture variation and the presence of wet-wood that result in a broad spread of moisture in kiln-dried timbers. For this reason, a considerable portion of under-dried and over-dried wood can be observed in kiln-dried subalpine fir and yellow spruce. In this research, I will examine whether the final moisture variation could be alleviated by optimizing sorting methods and drying schedules. I will explore the combination of different kiln drying methods and timber sorting strategies to find out the optimum approach for drying hard-to-dry species. The outcome of the proposed research can contribute to improving drying rate, minimizing drying defects, and reducing energy consumption in sawmills. The wood drying section of FPInnovations has collaborated with sawmills to solve drying problems and, therefore, this project is expected to improve the collaboration between FPInnovations and Canadian wood manufacturing companies.

Sohrab Rahimi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Stavros Avramidis
British Columbia
Partner University: