Knowledge Modeling and Product Development for Canadian Indoor Hydroponic Farming

Urban population is facing unprecedented growth resulting in the need for additional agricultural resources. Traditional farming practices seem vulnerable to cater to urbanities’ needs, placing an additional burden on the food and agriculture system. Furthermore, the unsettling environmental impact of traditional farming practices has aroused the metropolitan population to search for alternatives, such as indoor urban agriculture and vertical plant systems. This study aims to address the key issues faced by the Canadian urban population to generate knowledge for indoor hydroponic systems. Using existing and inferred knowledge from literature and through expert interviews, this research tries to provide a knowledge base for developing indoor hydroponic farming in a Canadian context. Emphasis will be laid on seed selection, growing inputs, and parameters to make indoor hydroponic farming accessible to common individuals and encourage more urbanites to successfully grow their favourite plants for fun and well-being all year round.

Adnan Rasheed
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rafiq Ahmad
Partner University: