LiDAR-based object detection and tracking for real-time parking availability monitoring

This project will develop a smart parking solution, including both hardware sensors and the analytics platform, that provides real-time parking availability data, which can support decision makings, such as policy refinements, demand-responsive pricing, etc. Our project aims to optimize the rate of parking facilities’ utilization as well as improving drivers’ parking experience. In terms of urban planning, our solution will reduce traffic congestion, carbon emission, parking-related accidents and frustration, creating a more habitable community. This project will be a showcase of our expertise in LiDAR-related technology. The development of the project will help Akasha Technology Inc. to improve our reputation in the 3D mapping industry.

Jingyi Ma;Wenqin Qi;Yiming (Amy) Sun
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kin Fun Li
British Columbia
Partner University: