Life cycle assessment (LCA) of Ontario Vehicle End-of-Life (VEOL) Processes

Life cycle assessment (leA) methods will be use to study end-of-life vehicle (ElV) dismantling and shredding processes, dismantling in particular, to identify and quantify the flows of EL Vs through these processes, as well as the El V parts and materials recovered for reuse, remanufacture and recycling. Understanding the eco-efficiencies associated with these activities, will:

1) allow the Ontario auto recycling industry to benchmark the environmental contributions Ontario dismantlers make in the overall vehicle end-of-life (VEOl) recycling process;

2) help the Ontario auto recycling industry, and Ontario government, to develop an appropriate and effective El V waste diversion program based on extended producer responsibility principles; and ´╗┐

3) facilitate potential opportunities for enhanced materials recovery for recycling, after ELV dismantling but prior to sending the ELV hulks for shredding, and hence stimulate increased economic returns to the EL V dismantling and shredding industry by generating more recyclable products and reducing the amount of material disposed of as shredder residue.

Susan Sawyer-Beaulieu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Edwin K.L. Tam