On-line solid phase extraction sample preparation for instrumental chemical analysis

The PhD student supported by this Mitacs Accelerate Grant will work in a collaborate project between Dr. David Chen’s group at UBC, Vancouver, BC and PromoChrom Technologies Ltd., Richmond, BC, to develop new instrumentations for combining novel solid phase extraction sample preparation systems (PromoChrom) with state of the art analytical technologies such as liquid chromatography mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry. These powerful analytical platforms will be used to study biomarkers relevant to ischemia reperfusion injuries during coronary artery bypass grafting surgeries. Monitoring these biomarkers in a timely and quantitative manner can provide invaluable information for developing protective pharmaceutical intervention methods by clinicians during these surgeries. The successful completion of this project will also increase the visibility of PromoChrom’s products, as well as develop high performance new products that will directly benefit biomedical research and Canadian economy.

Lingyu Wang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. David D.Y. Chen
British Columbia