Low carbon footprint carbon nanofiber admixture for cementitious materials applications

To reduce carbon footprints, the development of new materials with enhanced properties is of great importance. The construction industry, with a record of 9.95 Gt of CO2 production in 2019, is the 3rd largest sector contributing to climate change31. One way of reducing the amount of carbon in their manufacturing process is by adding materials in their concrete that can replace traditional commodities and are produced sustainably. Carbon NanoFibers (CNF), as produced through a patented Carbonova process, offer the opportunity to substitute such materials and reduce the carbon footprint of many processes, while at the same time, imparting the innovative material with properties that could enhance usability and open the doors for new applications, such as concretes with sensing capabilities.

Alireza Haji Hossein;Ali Teymouri
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rahil Khoshnazar
Partner University: