Low Cost Environmental Noise Acquisition and Source Classification System

The environmental noise pollution is continuously increasing and has multiple adverse effects on human health, quality of life and wildlife ecosystem. The noise levels are quite high as compared to the standard proposed by World Health Organization for residential neighborhoods. This kind of pollution is generally not taken care of and there exists the need to establish public awareness and create regulations to counter this issue. We, in collaboration with Horizon Computer Solutions, are developing a complete solution to acquire, store and analyze the noise pollution data and provide insights to decision makers to counter its hazardous effects. Horizon Computer Solutions being the IT solutions provider was founded in 1995 and is expanding its domain of operations ever since. They have the plans to offer smart cities solutions. They can provide consultation to Canadian municipalities to keep the noise level within the range of World Health Organization standard.

Syed Aamir Ali Shah
Faculty Supervisor: 
Abdul Bais
Partner University: