Machine learning based analysis of Industry driven use cases from Health and wellness domain

Software have been used, always, to deliver various needs to people. In this aspect, Roseto Health Innovations have developed a software that can deliver fact-driven wellness information to their customers. In its effort to elicit mutual benefit for research in Software engineering and company, Roseto Health Innovations has partnered with Prof. Behrouz Far and Prof. Ray J Turner to better understand a software development process that includes user requirements related to health and wellness, while adhering to the IEC 62304 standards. This understanding is through analyzing the input requirements with a machine learning based tool that detects Emergent behavior that may arise between software input, process flow and output. This tool enables early detection of flaw in software design thus minimizing risks associated with software functionality, eventual deployment and cost.

Nikhil Suresh Vastarey
Faculty Supervisor: 
Behrouz Far
Partner University: