Machine Learning for Non-Destructive Testing

IRISNDT deploys customized workflow productivity enhancement apps that are used by technicians in the field when performing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and mechanical work. This project will leverage expertise in AI at the University of Alberta to develop and deploy a suite of Data Science and Analytics tools to complement IRISNDT existing capabilities. The project will develop value-added capability that will contribute to IRISNDT maintaining its competitive edge and reputation as a leader in its field. The technology developed in this project can be exported to the other countries IRISNDT operates in, as well as to other end markets, keeping with Canada’s reputation as a worldwide leader in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Finally, this project will contribute to the training of highly qualified personnel in an area of expertise that is in extremely high demand.

Arif Shariar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Denilson Barbosa
Partner University: