Mapping for Change: A Case Study of Enhancing Informational Exchange and Collaboration Through Geoweb Technology

‘Mapping for Change’ is a case study of best practices in the use of Geoweb as a mechanism for enhancing informational exchange and collaboration between homelessness stakeholders including non-profits/charities serving the homeless. Using geoweb technology developed in the Spatial Information for Community Engagement (SPiCE) Lab at UBC Okanagan, the project involves implementing and monitoring/evaluating the use of a web-based mapping application (Homelessness Services Database) that will function as an accessible and searchable spatial database of housing and related services for the homeless in Kelowna. The project will benefit partner organizations through access to real-time information on homelessness services in Kelowna on which to base organizational planning efforts.

Shelley Cook
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jon Corbett
British Columbia
Partner University: