Mapping issues and stakeholders related to the development of Canada’s restoration plan for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin

The Great Lakes St Lawrence (GLSL) Basin is central to Canada’s economy and culture, and a primary water source. Several stressors are deteriorating these critical ecosystems. This proposed project aims to lay the foundations for efforts to improve coordination related to the restoration of the GLSL region. The proposed project consists of mapping stakeholders, issues, and existing initiatives and infrastructure regarding the Canadian side of the GLSL restoration plan. This includes the systematic identification of stakeholders (e.g., First Nations, public policy-makers, private and business organizations, civil society organizations) and analysis of their current initiatives, issues and concerns, as well as the mapping of their interdependencies. Building on these initiatives, infrastructures, and interdependencies, this project will contribute to the establishment of a collaborative framework to develop a restauration plan for the GLSL.

Ghita Lkhoyaali
Faculty Supervisor: 
Emmanuel Raufflet
Project Year: