The Maskinonge Lake Fault in the Michipicoten Greenstone Belt, Ontario: Kinematics, Timing and Controls on Gold Mineralization

The Island Gold mine, owned by Alamos Gold Inc., operates on one of the highest-grade gold deposits in Canada. Many gold deposits, including the Island Gold mine, follow east-west-trending structures, but the northwest-trending Maskinonge Lake Fault, located east of the mine, is uniquely enriched with gold and therefore contradicts this model. The objective of this research is to characterize this fault, and to determine whether it is a longstanding structure that is related to the primary Island Gold mineralization event, or if it developed later and received gold endowment through other means. By determining the influence this fault had on gold mineralization in the region, the results can be integrated into Alamos Gold’s existing geologic framework to guide exploration around similar structures and contribute to understanding the role of large-scale fault systems in gold districts across Canada.

Zachary Adam
Faculty Supervisor: 
Shoufa Lin;Chris Yakymchuk
Partner University: