Measuring investments performance using Artificial Intelligence in impact investing and socially responsible investing

In the last few decades, Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) have growingly become a relevant issue. This trend is expected to continue and strengthen going forward. Moreover, the steady trend of rationalization and marketization of the social sector over the past four decades has set expectations and norms of rationalized practices such as Social Performance Measurement (SPM) encompassing practices such as impact evaluation, outcome measurement, and program monitoring adopted by an organization to measure its progress toward its social goals, reflecting internal influences. R I D D L, our industrial partner, is looking to develop a cloud-based software that will give investors the information and data they need to make the right investments, be able to track progress of that investment and communicate the returns. The objective of this research project is to build machine learning and deep learning algorithms for financial investment performance analysis in impact investing and socially responsible investing. Tests will be conducted on historical data provided by our partner organization and the algorithms will be optimized for the proposed context.

Yacine Benahmed
Faculty Supervisor: 
Moulay Akhloufi
New Brunswick
Partner University: