MEPOWSS Wastestream Analysis

This project involves the characterization and assessment of a settling and evaporative pond system used to treat wastewater generated by the Melville Potable Water Supply System (MEPOWSS). The plant is currently being upgraded with a change in treatment processes and increased capacity that will impact the ability of the pond system to treat the new wastewater stream. The pond system consists of five pond cells in series, and current influent includes backwash from a greensand-filter and electrodialysis reversal (EDR) waste streams. Once the new plant is operational (late 2019), the influent will include filter backwash and a reverse osmosis (RO) concentrate streams. The primary chemicals of concern in the ponds are arsenic and iron, as they have been shown to be exiting the ponds at concentrations higher than CCME guidelines. TO BE CONT'D

Harrison Bull
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kerry McPhedran
Partner University: