Microbial production of hyaluronic acid using oat hulls

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found in the epithelial, connective, and neural tissues in the human body and rooster comb tissues. It provides lubrication and acts as a cushion in the joints for different tissues of the human body. Currently, hyaluronic acid is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and medical applications. In general, hyaluronic acid was extracted from rooster combs; however, owing to the limited animal tissues, high production costs involved in recovery and purification of hyaluronic acid, and risks of viral contamination, alternative feedstock for the production of hyaluronic is in demand. Thus, the main objective of this proposal is to produce hyaluronic acid as a value-added product by utilizing oat hulls as a potential renewable feedstock generated from oats (cereal industry). Hyaluronic acid will be produced via microbial fermentation and further extracted for detailed characterization to identify the proper area of application.

Sumitha Banu Jamal
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ajay K Dalai
Partner University: