A microfluidics approach towards perovskite nanostructures rational design

Metal halide perovskite nanostructures are materials with outstanding photoluminescent properties and very promising in optoelectronic applications. With this project, we seek to explore how several synthesis parameters influence the formation and grow of the nanostructures. We will use a suite of complementary structural characterization techniques that will provide a deep understanding of the near, medium and long-range order, and we will correlate the structural and photoluminescence properties. The microfluidic synthesis approach proposed here has advantages over bulk synthesis, including higher yield and more reproducible results. And the microfluidic synthesis can be done while performing the characterization techniques. As the mix of the reagents flows through a capillary, by measuring at different positions, we can access different time stamps from the mixing point, and access unexplored, very early synthesis stages. During this research, we will develop setups and procedures that will expand the research capabilities of the Brockhouse beamlines.

Gilberto Rodrigues da Silva Junior
Faculty Supervisor: 
John Tse
Partner University: