Mobile Image Recognition


The intern is to improve the image recognition software of Semacode Corporation that is intended to automatically detect barcodes in images taken using the camera of a mobile phone, such as the iPhone or Blackberry. The improvements will include: adding the ability to detect and read 1D barcodes such as UPC and EAN codes, automatically detecting the difference between different kinds of barcodes including 1D and 2D barcodes such as Data Matrix and QR Code, and improving the speed and performance of the system on the mobile devices. The intern will use mathematical techniques to accomplish this goal, applying his knowledge and experience gained in his studies. The partner organization will benefit because it will be able to offer new services oriented towards 1D barcodes, and improve its performance in competition with other companies outside of the country. In addition the company will gain valuable benefits from working with academic partners.
Michael Sgambelluri
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Brian Forrest