Mobile Payment and Electronic Wayfinding for Downtown Vancouver


The purpose of this project is to determine the extent to which a cooperative interest exists between the owners and operators of transportation and parking services in Downtown Vancouver to coordinate mobile payment and electronic wayfinding technologies. The researcher will interview service providers with a mind towards identifying advantages and disadvantages from the service provider’s point of view. The research project will also look at worldwide best practices with respect to mobile payment and electronic wayfinding technologies and, where possible, interview key informants in other cities. The Vancouver experience will mainly be contextualized through a literature review that looks at recent innovations and case studies. Access to Downtown Vancouver can be made more seamless, convenient and user friendly through optimizing how mobile payment and electronic wayfinding technologies are used, thus assisting the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association in achieving a vibrant, healthy, diverse and business friendly downtown core.

Christopher Gallop
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Tom Hutton
British Columbia