Mobilizing the science of language and reading for volunteer tutors and parents

Calgary Reads is a not-for-profit community literacy organization that seeks to improve children’s lives by helping them become confident, joyful readers. The role of the intern is to create two knowledge mobilization products to share the science of reading with volunteers, parents, teachers, and other collaborators. Calgary Reads facilitated delivery of a tutoring program for 20 years. However, the program needs to be updated in the science of reading and available as a deliverable for training of volunteers both in person and online. The volunteer tutoring program can help alleviate the strain placed on teachers to provide individual instruction to struggling readers especially for practice and rote tasks that are needed on a consistent and regular basis, especially in the face of education losses due to COVID-19 school absences. As well, the intern will collaborate to create a video for parents to describe the science of reading and how children learn to read. The Science of Reading (SOR) is not a methodology or a specific system. It is everything that is known about reading, including how it should be taught.

Lorraine Reggin
Faculty Supervisor: 
Penny Pexman
Partner University: