Modeling and control of CPP's proprietary Mighty Dredge & Bypass Pump Technologies

Canada Pump & Power (CPP) is an Alberta specialized industrial marine company. CPP has a novel proprietary dredge propulsion method based on a set of winch-driven cables: the patented Autonomous Mighty Dredge. Control strategies to date have delivered adequate performance in some operating conditions; the goal is to have the dredge capable of performing to a slurry rate specification under automatic control in a wide range of operating conditions (variable deposits, density, obstacles). CPP is also developing a new, proprietary Autonomous Submersible Bypass Pump, which automates submersible operations, is managed by a computer program and interface, and can work with the dredge or on its own. CPP is looking for university-based research to examine the controllability problem, identify candidate control schemes, including model-based control and control methods based on machine learning using data from current dredging and pumping operations. Issues of Observability and Controllability will be addressed through a laboratory-based program of developing a scaled-down dredge system with controllable dredging conditions for data collection and control verification studies, with the intent to test the likely control techniques to an industrial prototype automated dredge at CPP’s Ardrossan facility. 

Mohammad Rashedi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Charles Robert Koch
Project Year: