Molecular effects of novel high-CBD Cannabis cultivars: from mechanisms to novel applications and therapeutics

With the legalization of cannabis, a serious issue facing Canadians is: how will consumers know their products are safe and created with their health in mind? Many Cannabis products claim diverse health benefits, ranging from treating pain to reducing inflammation and affecting tumor growth. While this is incredibly exciting, have all of these products been researched to ensure their claims are rooted in scientific proof? Presently, from a wide variety of strains that are being grown by licensed producers of medical cannabis in Canada, none have documented research-proven medicinal properties. What medicinal properties do these strains have? How do they affect tumor growth? Can they cause any potential adverse effects? How do they affect normal somatic tissues and organs as well as the central nervous system (CNS)? These questions remain to be answered. TO BE CONT'D

Joseph Ross;Allonna Harker;Claire Niehaus;Esmaeel Ghasemi-Gojani;Melissa Giddy;Santosh Suryavanshi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Olga Kovalchuk;Igor Kovalchuk;Robbin Gibb
Partner University: