Molecular Profiling of Survivin in Different Human Cancers

Survivin, a member of the inhibitors of the apoptosis protein family, is involved in multiple critical pathways of cancer cell growth and survival. Because of its selective expression in cancer cells but not in normal adult tissues, survivin is an attractive target for different cancer treatments. Immunovaccine Inc. (IMV) has developed a therapeutic cancer vaccine, DPX-Survivac, targeting survivn-rich cancer cells. The description should also indicate. Survivin over-expression was found in virtually all cancer types but not in normal tissues; however, it remains to be determined how its levels vary amongst different cancer types and within subtypes/stages of a given cancer. The goal of the proposed research is to identify cancer types/ subtypes, and stages with the highest levels of survivin expression. This will be achieved by a combination of microarray database mining and quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR)-based studies. 

Olga Hrytsenko
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Bill Pohajdak
Project Year: 
Nova Scotia