Monitoring the Frost Heave of Screw Pile in glacial deposits of Alberta: a case study in the field

In Canada, screw piles are widely used in supporting residential and commercial buildings. While the design of screw piles are general well-known to engineers, the uplift displacement of screw piles during the winter season is still mysterious, especially in cases where screw piles are installed in frost-susceptible soils. The present project is intended to conduct a field test of screw piles in the clay of Alberta and therefore to provide a case study for the engineering performance of screw piles in cold regions. The project will provide an empirical correlation between frost uplift of piles and the control conditions of soils. The outcome of the project will safeguard the general public from building damage caused by the cold temperature.

Xiaoyan Ou
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lijun Deng
Partner University: