Morphological investigation of adhesive blends and its effect on multilayer coating performance

In the pipeline industry, the heat shrink sleeves (HSS) are the protective layer usually composed of two layers, namely, an adhesive layer and a crosslinked backing layer such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). In order to maintain the desired properties of HSS, each of the layers must maintain their properties during processing, storage, and installation. In partnership with Canusa-CPS, the proposed research aims at addressing the relationships between the morphological structure and interfacial strength of the adhesive layers with their performance. Combining the characterization, rheological and mechanical analysis, the proposed study will correlate the mechanical performance of the adhesives to their material, design and morphological parameters. The research will be beneficial to our partner in developing a new generation of adhesives.

Farzad Gholami
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ehsan Behzadfar
Partner University: