Moving to Breathe, Breathing to Move: An interdisciplinary study on the benefits of choral and dance exercise for people with neuromuscular conditions

In this collaborative project with Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC), we will design and run choir singing and dancing programs for people with neuromuscular conditions, in order to study whether it improves their quality of life and their ability to breathe. Both singing and dancing have been shown to have significant medical and quality of life benefits for people with other kinds of disabilities, but little research has been done with those who have neuromuscular conditions. This will also be the first study to include participants who rely on ventilation technology to breathe. Participants in this study will get to enjoy the benefits of singing and dancing. Practitioners, clinicians and participants will gain new insights into possible benefits of these kinds of physical activity programs. Further, we will publish useful protocols for running the most barrierfree, safe, beneficial, and meaningful singing and dancing programs for this population.

Kelsie Acton
Lindsay Eales
Aidan Toth
Faculty Supervisor: 
Danielle Peers
Partner University: